Project Management

Increase the return on your investment without the hassle

Any refurbishment or extension to your property can increase the return on your investment, but, let's face it, building work can be a hassle and there are lots of things that can go wrong. Delays, over spends, or the worst case, cowboy builders running off with your money, or doing a shoddy job.

Let us do it for you, get started now!

Is it worth the investment?

Just like in your own home, there are some improvements which make sense and provide a good return, and others that don't. Our experts will advise as part of an initial free consultation the rough costs and estimated returns so you can decide if the investment is worth it.

In addition to increased rent, our sales team will also be able to tell you what the potential increase in the value of your property will be after works are completed.

How much will is cost?

We can manage projects of any size, from a 'light make over' to full refurbishment and extension, these can range from £5k to £150k if you are want to convert a 4 bed HMO into a 6/7 bed HMO.

We can also discuss various funding options with you, many lenders will finance larger projects.

What improvements should I make?

Our team spend every day speaking to tenants and potential tenants about properties and what they want and expect so we are best placed to advise you which improvements and interior styles our tenants want.

How can I be sure it won't go wrong?

We carry out proper due diligence on all the contractors we use and have robust contracts and payment arrangements in place to make sure if the worst happens your liabilities are minimized. Our contractors are also significantly financially incentivised and closely monitored to make sure projects are completed on time.

How long will it take?

Small projects can be completed within a week or two minimizing any void periods, we can sometimes complete works whilst tenants are in situ with their cooperation. Larger projects, such as full refurbishments can be completed over the summer period in 2-3 months. It's always a tight time frame to carry out such major works, but we work with contractors who are experienced in such projects.

What's the process?

Stage One - Feasibility

Once you get in touch to discuss potential development works, we will visit the site and create a report for you summarising suitable options and including estimated costs and potential returns.

Stage Two - Planning and Quotation
£395 inc vat, or £995 if planning required

- Liaise with architects if necessary
- Arrange for drawings to be prepared (architect fees will apply)
- Liaise with local planning officers
- Create a detailed build specification
- Instruct three contractors to quote
- Prepare a full report including quotations and recommendations.

At this stage, if you wish to instruct and manage the project yourself you are welcome to do so with the information we have provided.

Stage Three - Project Management
Works under £10k, 15% inc vat, over, 10% inc vat

- Prepare contracts for works,
- Arrange submission of formal planning application,
- Liaise with building control
- Liaise with water supplier (mains upgrades)
- Interior design
- Pre-build marketing
- Budget and payments management
- Weekly site visit and report to you
- Contractor management
- Arranging internal furnishings
- Furniture installation (excl. labour)
- Final inspection and snagging
- Staging and post build marketing photos

Why use Purple Frog ?

Our expert team can:

- Advise you what works to carry out to create the best returns
- Navigate the complexity of planning and building regulations
- Deliver a high quality successful project without the hassle


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