Our fees and charges explained

Tenant fees and charges

During the course of a tenancy there are some fees and charges that may be applied by Purple Frog to cover administration costs. If you aren't clear why or how any of these charges may be applied please get in touch and our team will be happy to talk them through with you.

All of our fees include VAT.

Tenant Charges

As of 20th May 2019, no administration fees will be payable for reserving a property or renewing am Assured Shorthold Tenancy with Purple Frog.

Company Leases

Administration charge for setting up a Company Lease: £350

Administration charge for amending a Company Lease or Directors Guarantee: £100

Card charges

No card charges will be made for debit or credit cards for payments received from tenants within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Additional transaction fees may apply for students outside the EEA

Novation Agreement

Tenancies signed before 20th May 2019

Before the tenancy has begun:
£100 per tenant – if they find a replacement tenant.
£150 per tenant – if we find a replacement tenant.

Once the tenancy has begun:
£200 per tenant – if they find a replacement tenant.
£250 per tenant – if we find a replacement tenant.

Tenancies signed after 20th May 2019

£50 per tenant – if the tenant find a replacement.
£50 admin fee, plus a fee of 50% of the monthly rent or a minimum of £250, per tenant – if we find a replacement tenant.

Other charges

Late payment fee, on each occasion a payment is made late or a letter or email is sent by the landlord or Purple Frog:

Tenancies signed before 20th May 2019: £35
Tenancies signed after 20th May 2019:  Interest will be charged at 3% above the Bank of England base rate of interest from the date the payment was late until it is paid.

Maintenance call out - user error:  The reasonable cost of attendance of a contractor.

Maintenance call out - non emergency out of hours:  The reasonable cost of attendance of a contractor.

Utilities installation - missed appointment charge: £175

If a tenant rents a property which has broadband included they may be required to be present at the property to facilitate the installation of the services by the broadband provider. If Purple Frog or the supplier provide at least 24 hours notice to the tenants of the visit and the appointment is missed, the charge will apply.

Please note, for some properties not managed by Purple Frog, other charges may apply.

Trade Body

Purple Frog are proud to be members of 'The Property Ombudsman Scheme' who will resolve any complaints made against Purple Frog if the complaint can not be resolved through Purple Frog's complaints procedure.

We are also members of the Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Deposit Protection Schemes

Purple Frog are members of 'The Deposit Protection Scheme' and 'MyDeposits.co.uk'.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Purple Frog is committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity and promoting a culture in which accountability flourishes. Purple Frog opposes bribery as it erodes free and fair competition, damages good government and harms society at large. Purple Frog operates a zero tolerance policy towards the giving or receiving of bribes because it is morally wrong and it is illegal in the UK.

Click here to see our full Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

Client Money Protection

Purple Frog hold Client Money Protection with 'Client Money Protect'. Our membership details are below:


Purple Frog Property Limited:  CMP002147
Purple Frog Nottingham Limited: CMP002145
Purple Frog Bristol Limited: CMP002146

Legal Notices

Company Information
Purple Frog is a trading name for the following business all having the registered address of: 47 Calthorpe Road, Birmingham, B15 1TH.

Purple Frog Group Limited:
Registered in England # 6987540, VAT #: 258 1036 14

Purple Frog Sales Limited:
Registered in England # 8812645, VAT #: 258 2258 88

Purple Frog Property Limited:
Registered in England # 6038557, VAT #: 928423807

Purple Frog Bristol Limited:
Registered in England # 6987394, VAT #: 209333523

Purple Frog Nottingham Limited:
Registered in England # 6987366, VAT #: 210023393

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