Moving into a property of your own for the first time might seem daunting. There's suddenly lots of different things that you have to think about and organise. But there's no need to stress.

We've put together this guide to help you settle in and make your stay in a Purple Frog house as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Some of the advice in this guide relates only to properties managed by Purple Frog. If you pay your rent directly to your landlord then it is likely that they manage your house directly, so you should follow their instructions.

 1. Welcome

Hello and welcome to your new home! The information on this webpage is designed to help you make the most of your stay in a Purple Frog property.

Hopefully, you won't experience any maintenance problems in your house. If you do, please visit our online maintenance guide, where you can report any non-emergency maintenance issues.

Alternatively, you can contact our maintenance team by calling your local office. Our team will get things sorted for you, as soon as possible.

The first few days of July/August/September are very busy, with lots of people moving house on the same day but we will endeavour to get things done as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy living in your new home and look forward to seeing you soon.

2. Getting In Touch

You can find all the contact information you need, including our out-of-hours phone numbers, on our contact page.

3. The Important Stuff

Emergency Contacts
Reporting Maintenance
Locked Out / Lost Your Keys?

 4. Moving In

There are some important things you should do as soon as you collect keys for your property. Click the links below to see the list we've put together for you.

Paying your rent and collecting your keys
What to do once you're in

5. During Your Tenancy

Paying your rent
Your Responsibilities
Being a good neighbour
General Safety
Fire Safety
How to Keep Your Deposit
Household Hygiene
Condensation and Mould
Finance and Budgeting

6. Utilities

If you don't have utilities included in your rent then you'll need to set up accounts for your gas, electricity, water, broadband and insurance. The sooner you do this the better, as utility suppliers won't necessarily put you on the best tariff, unless you set up an account with them.


7. Council Tax

If all tenants in your property are full time students then you are likely to be exempt from paying council tax. However, it is your responsibility to confirm this with the council. Click the link below for more information.

Council Tax Guide

7. Moving Out

At the end of your tenancy
If you need to move out during your tenancy
Frequently asked questions about deposits

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