Maintenance guide

If you're on this page then you've probably got a maintenance issue.

We can’t guarantee that things won’t go wrong in your house, it’s a fact of life that things break or stop working. That is why we have maintenance teams in each branch. Here, you can report a maintenance issue.

Please make sure you read the information below so you understand the maintenance process, including how long you can expect it to take for your maintenance issue to be solved.

Important information about reporting maintenance

If you live in a property that is managed by Purple Frog, you can report maintenance issues online, as well as by calling your local branch.

In case of emergencies, we have 24-hour call out services. Call your local branch and choose option 7.

Please note that, if you use the out-of-hours numbers for non-emergencies, you will be charged. Our charges are explained on our fees and charges page.

Some things will be your responsibility, others will be handled by Purple Frog or your landlord. We have a page on the website, which you can check to see whose has responsibility for some maintenance areas.

Other issues are easy to fix yourself. In fact, it will be quicker for you to try to fix the problem first, before calling us. In our maintenance section, you will be able to find some simple How-to guides about boiler issues, washing machines and fridges/freezers. There is also a page about preventing mould and damp in your property.

Maintenance timescales

When you've reported a maintenance question, your next question will probably be 'when will it get fixed?'

We follow National Code guidelines for dealing with maintenance reports, as approved by ANUK and UniPol. These are the time-frames we use for sending someone out to undertake repairs, although we will always try to beat them.

Please bear in mind that, if the maintenance issue requires parts to be ordered, involves major works, or we need to book a specialist engineer, it might not be possible to fix everything straightaway. That said, we will always aim to fix the issue as quickly as possible, ideally on the first visit.

If you have logged a maintenance call and we haven't sent someone out within these published times, please let us know. Details of how to tell us that you're not happy, are on our complaints page.

24 hours

Urgent repairs: 5 working days

Other non-urgent repairs: 20 working days

Affecting health or safety
e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC.
Affecting material comfort
e.g. hot water, heating or fridge failure, serious roof leak.
  • Gas - leak
  • Electrical fault resulting in no power (internal fault)
  • Security - Insecure property (broken lock, window, etc)
  • Locks -Tenant lock out/lock fault
  • Fire - Detection fault (loss of protection to property)
  • Water - No running water (internal fault)
  • Water - Burst pipe or constant leakage
  • Toilet - Blocked (only toilet in property)
  • Broken bed
  • Fridge/Freezer fault (potential loss of food)
  • Fire - Replacement battery
  • Roof leak (major)
  • Pest issues
  • External drain blockage
  • Sink - Blocked
  • Toilet - Blocked/No Flush (multiple)
  • Shower leak (only Shower)
  • Window coverings (blind/curtain) - Summer  (30 April to 1 November)
  • Shower - Non-working (only shower in property)
  • Bathroom light (no natural light)
  • Lighting (landlord responsible)
  • Lost tenant keys
  • Flooring (potentially hazardous)
  • No Hot water (no electric shower)
  • No Heating - Winter (1 November to 30 April)
  • No Hot water/Heating - No gas supply (top-up meter)
  • Non-working radiator - Winter (1 November to 30 April)
  • Washing/Dryer amenities - Fault
  • Cooking Facilities - Fault
  • Vacuum
  • Dishwasher
  • Flooring (non-hazardous)
  • Intruder Alarm fault
  • External repairs (gutter/brickwork)
  • Ventilation (fans) fault
  • TV fault
  • Furniture repair
  • Garden/Fencing
  • Roof leak (minor)
  • Mattress replacement
  • Window (broken/lock/frame - property is secure)
  • Shower leak (property has multiple showers)
  • Window coverings (blind/curtain) - Winter
  • Shower - non-working (property has multiple Showers)
  • No Hot water (with electric shower & kettle)
  • Non-working radiator - Summer (30 April to 1 November)
  • No Heating - Summer (30 April to 1 November)
  • Internet issues

When dealing with maintenance in your house you should treat it like it were your own home. You should be able to deal with some basic things like light bulbs etc. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

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