Lost your keys / locked out?

Lost your keys / locked out?

We've all done it at some point so we provide some services to help you out where we can if you lose your keys or lock yourself out.

Locked out

During office hours pop into our office, if we have a spare set available we can lend these to you to for a short time to let yourself in, please make sure to bring your ID with you, we will hold this whilst you borrow the keys.

Out of office hours please call your local office and select the option for ‘emergency maintenance’. Please note that there will be a call out charge (between £40-£80 depending on the time of night) for this service if out of office hours.

Lost your keys

Please give us a call or pop into our office, you may be able to borrow keys from us if we have them in the office and have copies made yourself or we may need to have a copy made for you if  your house has security keys. Some of our properties have security keys, these are used to prevent copies being made by unauthorised people; copies cost between £20-£50 so try not to lose them!

If you lose your keys and there is a possibility that they can be linked to the property the locks may need to be changed, there will be a charge applicable to cover this cost.


While we do our best to provide our out of hours service at all times and to respond as quickly as possible, it is not a guaranteed service. You are responsible for looking after your own keys. There is no guarantee that we will have spare keys for your property and that they will be available in the office at the time you need them.

If you have lost your keys at a time when we are not available or don't have keys you will need to pay the cost for a locksmith to attend. If the locksmith changes any locks you must notify us straight away and provide copy keys to our office. We will normally require 3 keys.

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