Moving In

Your new home

Move in day is our favourite time of year! We love giving out keys to new tenants so they can start a new chapter in one of our homes.

We know that moving all your belongings from place to place can be a stressful time so we're here to help make it as smooth as possible for you.

There are a few things that you'll need to do before you move in and then shortly afterwards. How you pay your rent and collect your keys does depend on who your landlord is, most of the information is on your tenancy agreement but you will receive an email from us or contact from your landlord about a month before the start of your tenancy.

If you have received advice from your landlord which is different from the information on this page then please ignore this information as your landlord may have made specific arrangements for you.

If your property is managed by Purple Frog:

Paying your rent

If you live in a property managed by Purple Frog then we will ask you to set up a direct debit. We'll normally send the information in the month before your tenancy starts.

We use a company called StuRents to help you set up your direct debit. You will receive an email from them which includes a personalised link. This takes you to a form to complete. You can either complete the form yourself or forward it on to someone else who will be paying your rent for you. If you're doing the latter, they will need to know your StuRents password, which you set up when you signed your contract.

Who ever completes the form will need to enter their basic contact information, their bank account number and sort code.

Got a question about Direct Debit? We've got a dedicated page that explains more about setting up your Direct Debit.

Important: we will need to have received your first rent payment before you will be able to move in. Please make sure you set up your Direct Debit in good time, so that we receive your rent payment in time.

Collecting your keys

We like to make sure you are who you say you are, so you'll need to bring some photo ID with you when you collect your keys.

Your landlord wouldn't like it if you move in without paying your rent so you'll also need to ensure your direct debit has been set up successfully.

You will be able to book an appointment to collect your keys from your local office from midday on the 1st day of your tenancy. You can collect them on any day after that, provided we are open and that you have booked a time slot, please do not arrive at the office if you have not booked.

We do operate extended opening hours around the busy move in days so please check out our opening times.

To minimise the number of people who are in our offices at any one time we’re operating an appointment system for collecting your keys. The appointment are 10-15 minute slots so we can reduce queues where possible.

Please do not arrive early or late, you will only be allowed to access the office at the time of your appointment.

If you miss your appointment, you’ll need to call the office to schedule another.

Please talk to your housemates before booking your appointment to avoid double booking.

Birmingham – Book an Appointment

Bristol – Book an Appointment

Nottingham – Book an Appointment

Can't collect your keys?

We can help! If you can't collect your keys personally you can authorise a friend or housemate to collect them for you. You just need to confirm this in writing to us beforehand by emailing your local office. Whoever you authorise will need to bring their ID with them and you must set up your direct debit before we can release your keys to them.

If you are really stuck then we can post your keys to you. We have to send them recorded delivery and make a special trip to the post office so there is a small charge of £10 for us to do this for you. We can only post the keys once your tenancy has started and it will take a day or two for them to arrive so if you'd like them posting please give us plenty of notice.

(1) Please email your local office with your request and the address you would like the keys to be sent to.

(2) Then you'll need to call the same office to make the payment by card over the phone. Once the payment has been received we'll reply to your email to confirm that all is well and that your keys will be sent to you.

If your property is NOT managed by Purple Frog:

Paying your rent

For properties which aren't managed by Purple Frog you'll need to pay your rent directly to your landlord, the bank details you'll need and your reference will be printed on the front of your tenancy agreement. You'll need to prove you've set up your standing order before your landlord will let you have your keys.

Collecting your keys

Your landlord will advise you how to collect your keys; they may meet you on the day or they may drop the keys off for you to collect from our office. You'll need to bring your ID with you if that's the case.

Once you've moved in

Utilities and Council Tax

Once you've moved in to your new home you'll need to set up your utilities, click here for more information on utilities and council tax.


Your landlord is responsible for insuring their own belongings including their furniture in the house, however, you are responsible for arranging contents insurance for your own personal belongings and equipment.

Deposit returns

It seems strange to talk about moving out just as you're moving in. But, lots of new tenants ask us about their deposits. If you have a question, you will probably find the answer on our page about frequently asked questions about deposits.

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