Our fees and charges

Landlord fees and charges

Our regular charges for our let only and management services are listed below.

All prices listed include VAT as required by Trading Standards. Many of our competitors list their fees excluding VAT so please be aware when making comparisons.

Let only fees

Let only (whole house)

1-3   properties:    50% of one months' rent, minimum £395
4-6   properties:    45% of one months' rent, minimum £395
7-10 properties:    40% of one months' rent, minimum £395
10+  properties:     Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Let only (renewal/room lets)

Let only renewal : 20% of one months' rent, minimum £250
Let only (room let): 50% of one months' rent, minimum £250
All tenancy paperwork is provided electronically; if paper copies are required, an additional charge of £35 per tenancy is payable by the landlord.

Management fees

1-3   properties:    14% of monies collected, set up fee of £495
4-6   properties:    12% of monies collected, set up fee of £495
7-10 properties:    11% of monies collected, set up fee of £495
10+  properties:    Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Set up fees are payable per tenancy created. If rooms are let individually, set up fee of £195 will be charged per room.

Property sales fees

Sole agency fee:
1.5% inc vat of gross sale price, minimum £3,000

Multi agency:
3% inc vat of gross sale price, minimum £6,000

Property search service

Search fee: 2% of gross sale price
Registration fee: £150 inc vat
Viewing fee: £95 inc vat (includes summary report)

Other landlord charges:

- EPC:  £85 per property (max 7 beds) + £5 per bedroom thereafter

- Deposit protection: £50 per tenancy (joint AST, or £20 per individual tenancy)

- Inventory:  £150 per property (max 7 beds), + £5 per bedroom thereafter

- Check out inspection:  £50 per property (max 7 beds), + £5 per bedroom thereafter

- Property inspection: £75 per property (max 7 beds), + £5 per bedroom thereafter

- Fire detection system test (internal): £35 per property (excluding PBSAs)

- Service of Notices: £45 (s21 notices are issued for free under full management)

- HMRC return for non-resident landlords: £120 per year per property

- Works over £1,000 project management fee: 15%

- Court/tribunal appearance: £250 per employee per day

- Single claim: £150 per claim

- Gutter and drain clearing: £65 per property per visit (max 7 bed property)

- Bespoke tenancy agreement set up/change:  £195

- Copy statements: £10 per statement

- Annual management statements: £25 per property

- Interim payment (rent payment requested in addition to normal rent payment): £25 per payment, plus £5 per property payment relates to

- Nominated client account: £200 per calendar month

- Early termination fee - Let only service: If a let has been agreed, equivalent to the fee for our let only service.

- Early termination fee - Full Management Service: 75% of the fees that would have been payable in the absence of early termination.

- Property unavailable fee (where the landlord fails to let us know the property no longer available): £350 per property.

- Abortive fee (terms of the tenancy agreed but you decided to withdraw): Full management fee or let only fee as if the tenancy had proceeded plus £150 compensation to each tenant.

- Delayed delivery fee (property not made available to tenants on time): Provide suitable alternative accommodation for tenants plus £50 compensation per tenant per week. If the property is habitable but not complete, £25 compensation per tenant per week. In addition to the full fees which would have been due to Purple Frog, had the property been made available on time.

- HMO application (new) fee: £345

- HMO application (renewal) fee: £295

Certificate of lawful use application: £595 (Additional Council fees apply)

- HMO and COLU application together £845

If you ask us to provide any additional or supplemental services, our fees will be calculated on a time spent basis adopting the following hourly rates (including VAT):

Director                                                 £395
Head of Department                           £125
Branch Manager                                  £70
Assistant Branch Manager                 £60
Senior Property Manager                  £60
Senior Tenancy Administrator         £60
Property Manager                              £45
Tenancy Administrator                     £45
Accounts Assistant                             £45
Maintenance Assistant                      £45

You can read our full terms and conditions for landlords, here.

Legal Notices

Trade Body

Purple Frog are proud to be members of the Property Redress Scheme (membership number: PRS035292 ) who will resolve any complaints made against Purple Frog if the complaint can not be resolved through Purple Frog's complaints procedure.

Client Money Protection Insurance

Purple Frog Asset Management is a member of Money Shield Client Money Protection Scheme with reference number: 70479248.

Deposit Protection Schemes

Purple Frog are members of 'The Deposit Protection Scheme' and 'MyDeposits.co.uk'.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Purple Frog is committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity and promoting a culture in which accountability flourishes. Purple Frog opposes bribery as it erodes free and fair competition, damages good government and harms society at large. Purple Frog operates a zero tolerance policy towards the giving or receiving of bribes because it is morally wrong and it is illegal in the UK.

Click here to see our full Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

Anti Money Laundering Regulations

Purple Frog is registered with HMRC for anti money laundering supervision with registration XWML00000179778.

Data Protection

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office with registration ZB387591.

You can read our full privacy policies here.

Company Information

Purple Frog is a trading name for Purple Frog Asset Management Limited

Company number: 14323557
Registered address: 47 Calthorpe Road, Birmingham, B15 1TH.
VAT Number: 423 6178 04


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