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Student Accommodation Built Around You

Our company story

Patrick and Greg created Purple Frog in 2007  while they were studying at the University of Birmingham.

"We were certain we could change student accommodation for the better and provide the service that tenants and landlords deserved.

We started Purple Frog to work around students’ needs. That meant the right properties, the right opening times, arranging viewings around you and giving a proper level of service", says Patrick.

Everything is built around giving students what they want. And that’s how the business thrives.

Even our name was built with students in mind.

We want to attract good landlords with great property. To do this we also work to their needs and create the service they want.

Equally for PBSA owners and investors we create best service and make a real difference. We do this by working around the students and partners we serve.

By doing this we make student living easier. We tailor our service to every individual, and we strive to be the best, every single day. Find out more about our vision here.

Read the rest of Patrick and Greg's story here; you can also find out why we're called 'Purple Frog'.


About Us

Meet our team, a very friendly and talented bunch!

Patrick Garratt
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Patrick is one of the founders of purple frog, he graduated in 2007 alongside Greg with a 2:1 in Business from the University of Birmingham. As part of his degree he was required to write and submit a business plan and decided he may as well see it through! Patrick spends time in each of our 4 offices and is often accompanied by his black lab Hugo.

07817 793 828
Office Dog

He's a good boy, yes he is. Yes he is. Yes. He. Is. Suchagoodboy. Except when he's stealing your sandwiches.

Sabrina Courts
Head of Operations

Looking after clients with large portfolios means that Sabrina's extensive expertise in the student accommodation market is always put to good use. She also heads up the Ops team. Sabrina is a proud Birmingham City Football Club supporter and hasn't missed a home or away match in over 5 years!

0121 227 4188
Stephen Haigh
Head of Property Sales

Stephen has a wealth of experience selling investment property. His breadth of knowledge will help everyone from first timers to seasoned portfolio investors achieve their goals. In his youth, Stephen was a rock star in the 'West Coast psychedelic' band Soup which regularly gigged at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students bar.

0333 003 1122
Ben Holdnall
Development Manager

Ben is the longest serving member of the purple frog team and has been running our property management team for most of that time. Before joining purple frog Ben used to work as a contractor in student properties so he's got hands on knowledge too and has experience of most maintenance issues we may come across. Outside of work Ben enjoys expanding his horizons and travelling the world, he's recently been to Russia and is also a keen linguist... ask him to show off some of his Mandarin!

0121 270 2722 option 2 OR 07854 410 518
Shaun Knight
Branch Manager - Birmingham

Shaun is a stalwart of the company. His knowledge of the student letting market is extensive. Shaun studied sport studies at the University of Worcester so he knows what it's like to be in the shoes of our tenants. He's an affable character who loves helping our tenants find the right home and keeping our landlords up to date.

0121 270 2721
Zita Goldie
Branch Manager - Nottingham

Zita has travelled along way to arrive at Purple Frog. She's originally from South Africa and has spent 15 years working in real estate in Spain. Now she's here in exotic Nottingham, she's helping tenants and landlords ensure their houses are on point. Totally unrelated, but if she was trapped in an elevator, she'd want to be stuck with Barrack Obama, as he's "inspiring and HOT, HOT, HOT". Watch out Michelle, you've got competition.

0115 721 0973
Charlotte Mellor
Branch Manager - Bristol

Charlotte has strong experience in lettings having cut her teeth at a residential agency. She brings her charm, good humour and local knowledge with her to ensure students can find the best place to live in Bristol. Her claim to fame is that Internet Royal Kim Kardashian waved at her at Glastonbury. The festival, not in one of the many crystal healing shops you find on the town's high street.

0117 238 0811
Nadine Bevis
Talent Manager

If she won a million pounds she would buy a house for a homeless person. Which is lovely.

Reece Jones
Operations Team Leader

Reece is here to help get your tenancy sorted. He's right on it, sorting contracts, making sure your right to rent documents are OK and answering any questions you might have. He's a massive Blues fan (though not as big a fan as Sabrina) When he was a little boy, he dreamed of winning the world cup, but has been hindered in this dream because he's not from Brazil.

0121 513 0901
Claire Pace
PA to Managing Director

Claire is the right hand woman to the Managing Director. She works part time Monday-Friday 9:30-2.30. Although weighing no more than the idea of a feather herself, she has expanded the collective Purple Frog waistline with her exceedingly good cakes.

0121 513 0834
Credit Control and Dispute Resolution Coordinator

Emma-Leigh, commonly known as the (DRC), is the lovely person who makes sure that the deposits team get your deposits returned as quickly and smoothly as possible. In her spare time, she is busy painting lovely paintings of 'nudes with colourful hair'.

0121 227 4188
Beckie Roe
Senior Tenancy Administrator

Beckie is here to make sure that signing your contract is simple. She's part-time, between 9.00 am- 4.30 pm, Monday & Thursday and 9:30 am - 2:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be pasta. With all the different shapes, it's pretty much a different meal each time.

0121 227 4188
Hayley Roe
Senior Tenancy Administrator

Hayley recently joined our operation team as one of the Senior Administration staff, and she is ready to spice things up, just like her love for spicy Caribbean food. She is on hand weekdays during office hours to help you with your tenancy enquires. With her beaming smile and shinning personality, it is no surprise she loves to spend her spare time raving and travelling.

0121 227 4188
Hayley Sheridan
Property Manager

Hayley provides excellent service, making sure maintenance issues are dealt with for student accommodation in Nottingham. When she's not shopping, she's indulging in a glass or few of Prosecco or Rose. Her famous saying is: It's not just a bag! It's Prada. Apart from fanning out on the cast of Hollyoaks, Hayley loves dancing to Cher, because she's fantastic. She would like to live in Neverland as a fairy for a day.

0115 721 0974
Maisie Gould
Property Manager

Happy, smiley and friendly are three words that describe Maisie perfectly. That means she fits brilliantly into Purple Frog Selly Oak team, where she's busy putting these attributes to use, finding students their new homes from home. She also runs her own cake-making business and used to be an editor at a magazine, so you'll be sure there's no typos when she pipes on the 'Happy Birthday Grandma' frosting.

0121 270 2722
Akash Nabi
Property Manager

If you're looking for your new student place in Birmingham, Akash is your man. He's also training to be a gym instructor, so he can also tell you the difference between quads and glutes. Other than their relative word scores in Scrabble, of course.

0121 270 2722
Melisa Drury
Property Manager

Melisa is part of the Bristol team responsible for arranging viewings and staying connected with clients about the letting process. Her job duties include looking after a portfolio or clients, arranging the maintenance for their properties. When she is not being amazing helping clients and tenants, she’s spend her spare time planning her next travel trip around the world or wondering where all bodies are buried (jokes) Melisa enjoys watching forensic files on Netflix while chilling listening to her spirit animals, Jennifer Lopez and Little Mix.

Jayan Bullen
Property Manager

Jayan is part of the Bristol team responsible for arranging viewings and staying connected with clients about the letting process. Her job duties include looking after client portfolios and arranging the maintenance for their properties. Jayan enjoys travelling but her all time favourite place is Croatia. She is also a bit of a dare devil, so don't dare her.....because she will!

Lauren Phillips
Lettings Coordinator

If you need help finding the right student accommodation, come to Lauren. As well as keeping the lettings team organised, she'll help you book your viewings, so you can find a great place to live. Her spirit animal is a butterfly because she is determined to change and improve. 3. The superpower I would want is the ability to shape shift as you could change into anything whenever necessary.

0117 238 0814
Michael Boyce
Lettings Coordinator

You will meet Michael when you come to our Selly Oak office to book viewings (and hear him on the phone). He's also, rather aptly, a purple belt in Aikedo. That's the modern martial art of kicking ass but very gently.

0121 270 2722
Daniel Callingham

Daniel is responsible for carrying out all administrative duties at our Nottingham branch. He is a passionate sportsman, he plays football and is a keen cycle tourist and cross-country skier. His will probably be the first voice you hear, when you call the branch to speak to someone. Got a question? Daniel is your man.

0115 822 4388
Shania Benton
Tenancy Administrator

Shania is smiley and friendly. That’s why she’s perfect. Sorry, that’s why she’s perfect for the job of helping you sort your tenancy agreement, making the process as smooth as possible for you! She claims not to remember her life as a child. Personally, the marketing team thinks its because she used to be a mermaid and has got sick of telling people that no, she’d never met Ariel or known any singing crabs.

0121 227 4188
Bethan Evans
Student Blogger

Bethan is a 22 year old fourth year psychology student from the University of Birmingham. She's just returned from a year abroad in Amsterdam where she spent her time studying. She's had every kind of job from a waitress to a lifeguard but has always had a strong passion for writing.

Thomas Rumbelow
Student Blogger

Tom is 25 and is studying MSc Economic Development and Policy Analysis at the University of Nottingham. In a previous life, his undergrad degree in Business Management was at Uni of Birmingham, and in between, he spent two years working in Amsterdam in digital marketing in the telecoms industry. His go-to 'icebreaker fact' is that he was born in Hong Kong!"

Charlie Avery
Student Blogger

Charlie Avery is a student of International Relations and Spanish at the University of Birmingham and an aspiring journalist. He concentrates in international diplomacy and cultural politics. He is also a music and television critic, with reviews, articles and blogs published at charliesnotnow.blogspot.com, ultimateguitar.com and Redbrick.

Aleksandra Tuneski
Student Blogger

Aleksandra is a final year Marketing with Events Management student at the University College Birmingham. The most beautiful thing someone ever said about her is that whenever they are having a bad day, they look at her smiling and no matter the situation thier day brighten up. If she could make a mythical creature exist again. She would choose a dragon. They are symbols of wisdom magic power, and they can grant wishes.

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