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Homes built around you: Live the life you want

Our company story

Patrick and Greg created Purple Frog in 2007  while they were studying at the University of Birmingham.

"We were certain we could change student accommodation for the better and provide the service that tenants and landlords deserved.

We started Purple Frog to work around students’ needs. That meant the right properties, the right opening times, arranging viewings around you and giving a proper level of service", says Patrick.

Everything is built around giving students what they want. And that’s how the business thrives.

Even our name was built with students in mind.

We want to attract good landlords with great property. To do this we also work to their needs and create the service they want.

Equally for PBSA owners and investors we create best service and make a real difference. We do this by working around the students and partners we serve.

By doing this we make student living easier. We tailor our service to every individual, and we strive to be the best, every single day. Find out more about our vision here.

Read the rest of the Purple Frog story here; you can also find out why we're called 'Purple Frog'.


 If you' like to speak to any of our team, you can book a call at a time that suits you.

About Us

Meet our team, a very friendly and talented bunch!

Patrick Garratt
Founder and Managing Director

Patrick founded Purple Frog, whilst studying at the University of Birmingham, from where he graduated in 2007 in Commerce. As part of his degree he was required to write and submit a business plan and decided he may as well see it through! Patrick spends time in each of our 4 offices and is often accompanied by his black labs Hugo and Babe.

07817 793 828
Office Dog

She's a good doggy, yes she is. Yes she is. Yes. She. Is. Suchagooddoggy. Except when she's stealing your sandwiches.

Sabrina Courts
Operations Director

Looking after clients with large portfolios means that Sabrina's extensive expertise in the student accommodation market is always put to good use. She also heads up the Ops team. Sabrina is a proud Birmingham City Football Club supporter and hasn't missed a home or away match in over 5 years!

0121 513 0895
Shaun Knight
Regional Director - Nottingham

Shaun oversees the Management of our Nottingham office. He also takes the lead on Project Management. Shaun studied sport studies at the University of Worcester so he knows what it's like to be in the shoes of our tenants. He's an affable character whose knowledge of the student market is extensive. He loves helping our tenants find the right home and keeping our landlords up to date.

0115 721 0974
Nadine Bevis
Regional Director - Birmingham & Bristol

Nadine oversees the Management of our Birmingham and Bristol offices as well as recruitment and training. If she won a million pounds she would buy a house for a homeless person. Which is lovely.

0117 238 0810
Claire Pace
Director & Company Secretary

Claire is the right hand woman to the Managing Director and overseeing finance. She works part time Monday-Friday 9:10am -3.10pm. Although weighing no more than the idea of a feather herself, she has expanded the collective Purple Frog waistline with her exceedingly good cakes.

0121 513 0909
Kate Gregory
Asset Management Director

Kate is our highly experienced Asset Management Director who manages our branches overall performance and the growth of the business. She brings with her 25 years worth of knowledge of the property industry and has worked in 5 different countries! Kate also used to be a professional Salsa dancer.

0121 227 4188
Paul Somerfield
Branch Director - Birmingham

Paul is our Branch Director and is super knowledgeable on the Student Lettings market. If you ever find yourself with a sweet craving whilst in the office, Paul is your man! His desk is always the one with the chocolate and sweeties stash....not saying he'll share though!

0121 513 0840
Beckie Roe
Operations Team Leader

Beckie is the head of our Operations team, she's here to make sure everything contract related runs smoothly. If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be pasta. With all the different shapes, it's pretty much a different meal each time.

0121 513 0906
Bec Price
Operations Administrator

Bec is our experienced Operations Administrator working in our Head office. She specializes in setting up and completing tenancy contracts and deals with any tenant queries relating to your paperwork. Bec is originally from Australia and is currently learning to speak German. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing Sudoku. Her passion for helping others and her strong work ethic make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Maisie Gould
Senior Property Manager

Happy, smiley and friendly are three words that describe Maisie perfectly. That means she fits brilliantly into Purple Frog Selly Oak team, where she's busy putting these attributes to use, finding students their new homes from home. Maisie works part time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She also runs her own cake-making business and used to be an editor at a magazine, so you'll be sure there's no typos when she pipes on the 'Happy Birthday Grandma' frosting.

0121 513 0833
Tom Maitland
Senior Lettings Consultant

If you're looking for your new student place in Birmingham, Tom is your man; with 3 years Property experience in Birmingham City Centre he is knowledgeable on Property lettings. His interests are football and Skiing but being a new Dad, these have taken a backseat to fatherhood; however, this doesn't stop him keeping up with his favourite football team, Wolves!

0121 270 2722
Michael Boyce
Lettings Consultant

You will meet Michael when you come to our Selly Oak office to book viewings (and hear him on the phone). He's also, rather aptly, a purple belt in Aikedo. That's the modern martial art of kicking ass but very gently.

0121 513 0839
Laura Stewart
Property Manager

Laura is our helpful Property Manager in our Selly Oak office. Laura is very family orientated, not only does she have in excess of 100 cousins, she also shares an Uncle with Busta Rhymes! Her favourite place in the world is Las Vegas, when she's not busy dreaming of her 4th visit to the City of Lights, you'll find her cheering on Manchester United! Laura Works part time 9.00am-5.30pm Monday/Friday and 10.00am-4.00pm Saturdays.

0121 513 0831
Rob Moakes
Property Manager

Rob is our friendly Property Manager based in our Birmingham office. He's here to help with any property related queries.

0121 270 2722
Salvador Bamber-Thorne
Lettings Consultant

Salvador takes care of our lettings in our Bristol Office. Sal has a black belt in taekwondo and loves going to the gym in his spare time, although he hates cardio!

01172 370 3330
Konnar Morledge
Property Manager

Konnar is a Property Manager in our Nottingham Office. He is a 2 x National Kickboxing Champion and went on to take up professional MMA, so there's no surprises that he likes to work out in his spare time, but don't let that put you off contacting him for help with your property, he's super friendly really!

0115 721 0970
Scott Simpson
Property Manager

Scott is the gentle giant of the Nottingham Office, helping tenants and Landlords with Property Management. Scott loves being a Dad above all else, but when he gets spare few minutes, his next big passion is gaming!

0115 721 0971
Eve Scott-Golding
Property Manager

Eve is one of our friendly Property Managers in our Nottingham Office. Any problems with your Property, Eve's your woman! When not working, you'll find Eve with her Ex-racehorse that she retrained herself to compete in advanced medium dressage - which is a bit like ballet but on horseback!

Nathan Colom
Lettings Assistant

Nathan is a Lettings assistant in our Nottingham office. When asked for a fun fact, he told us that he raised pigs when he was a teenager! He is also a part time flight attendant and has been to over 100 countries, he has developed a passion for different cultures and foods. He also has a huge interest in the titanic and all facts, information and history on it too!

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