Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

Looking after your home

Whilst your landlord is responsible for most of the maintenance at your property, you are still contractually obliged to look after your home in certain areas.

This page includes details about some areas of maintenance which you are responsible for. We're always happy to help so if you need some assistance in dealing with any of these issues then please get in touch.

It's important that you keep on top of these issues throughout your tenancy as they can build up and end up leaving you with bills to pay at the end.


Tenants are responsible for replacing bulbs in the property and if left, (excluding electrical faults) a charge would apply to replace them.

Some bulbs may be in high and difficult to reach locations, so please let us know if you are unable to replace those so we can assist you. You would need to provide the bulbs though for us to fit.

If you’re unsure how to change a particular type of fitting, please just ask or send us a photo so we can shed some light on the issue.


If your landlord has provided you with gardening equipment then you are responsible for keeping the grass, weeds and hedges in check. Your gardening equipment is likely to be located in any external storage units or maybe under the stairs if you have storage there. You'll need to make sure the garden is left clean and tidy too when you leave.


All rubbish bags must be removed from the house and put out for collection, a charge of £20 per bag applies if we have to remove these after the end of the tenancy.

You’ll also need to ensure that any scraps of cardboard, paper, rubbish are collected up from the front and rear of your property before handing keys in as cleaning charges would apply.

Marks on Walls

We really do't want to have to but if we have to re-paint walls due to marks or remains of Blue-tack created during your tenancy, a charge of up to £40 per wall will be applied. In order to avoid a charge we strongly recommend you try removing any marks yourself before you return your keys.

There is a very good product called a ‘Magic sponge’ which is available from most supermarkets, it is great for removing marks from walls and many other types of surface.


Please check your external drains, (normally outside of your kitchen window) for any blockages caused by excess food waste or fallen leaves. Again, charges may be applied if we have to clear this following the checkout inspection.

If you do have a blocked drain, there are numerous products on the market available from supermarkets to help clear this, although you may have to physically remove any visible objects by hand.

General Cleaning

Tenants are responsible for returning the property to a clean condition ready for the next tenants. To assist with this we have created a check list that you can work through to help avoid anything being missed.

If you have any issues with the cleaning equipment provided in the property, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid a last minute rush. Please check that you have cleaned out the vacuum and filters before reporting a problem as a charge may apply should we attend to find it not cleaned out.


Along with kitchens (below), these are one of the areas which will require the most time and attention to clean.

Tiles and grout – If the walls inside the shower or above the bath aren’t cleaned regularly the tiles will become stained and often the grout will turn orange or become discoloured. We have noticed on inspections that this is a frequent issue; this will need a deep clean to remove before you leave along with the silicon which runs around the shower tray/bath. The same applies to any mouldy silicon seals, again most of the grime and mould can be removed with good cleaning products readily available in supermarkets.

Toilets – Like the showers, dirt and lime scale can build up inside the pan and at the bottom which will require thorough cleaning.


The biggest challenges in the kitchen when cleaning will be tackling the cooking appliances which will have a whole year’s worth of food stains to remove unless you’ve kept on top of it during the year.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to attend to these appliances in the kitchen including the oven, hob, fridges, freezers, microwaves and the extractor fan above the hob (if present) which tend to be greasy from cooking.

The extractor filter, usually found above the hob can usually be removed by unclipping or pushing the release catch in so you can clean it.

In addition to the appliances, the splash backs and tiling around cooking areas will also need attention as they tend to collect grease from frying food.


The following will all need to be checked before you leave as charges may apply if left blocked or dirty. Please refer to the manual or google, by searching for the make and model (found on the appliance face or around the door frame, usually on a sticker with a bar code) for guidance as manufacturers and models may vary.

-Oven – This is not a last minute job as you'll normally need to leave a cleaning product in the oven for a number of hours in order to remove all the food debris which will be burned on.

-Washing machine – Remove any foreign objects such as coins or bra clips from the filter at the bottom of the machine. You'll also need to remove the powder tray in order to clean it thoroughly.

-Dryer – Remove filter from inside door frame and remove any lint left from usage. Condensing dryer (with no external vent) will also have a water container to empty,
accessible from the front of your machine.

-Vacuum – Please remove and empty the bag, remove any blockages from the hose and remove dust from internal filters which can be removed once the main container
has been removed. If you need guidance for locating your filters, please let us know.

-Dishwasher – At the bottom of the tray, you should find where the water drains away and this will often become full of food waste if plates aren’t rinsed first. As this
causes blockages, it’s important that you remove the filters and clean these.

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