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Top 3 sunny day outings in Birmingham to help students find their calm

Top 3 sunny day outings in Birmingham to help students find their calm

Wave goodbye to the library and exam stress at these beautiful Birmingham escapes


Summer term is fast approaching (although the recent weather doesn’t seem to think so!). Hopefully the sun will eventually come with it!

Often in the final term of the year, you find yourself bogged down in exam revision and trapped inside a stuffy library, trying to concentrate while that one guy taps his pencil against a desk like his life depends on it.

But have no fear! If your brain feels like it’s about to explode from non-stop revision (and listening to endless table drumming), it’s time to take a break. What better way to get rid of the stress than feeling the sun on your face, enjoying a bit of time relaxing and getting seriously spooked by ghosts.

This blog post right here is going to tell you about the top 3 places you can escape the library and unwind with your friends, on a sunny day in good ol’ brum!

1. Aston Hall

Aston Court Purplefrog Property

Photo credit: mapio.net

Aston Hall is a stunning Jacobean style house built between 1618 and 1635. The hall is open to the public, and with student entry tickets at only £6, your friends and you can spend a day exploring the grand halls, hidden rooms and beautiful gardens.

Plus, there’s some wonderfully gruesome ghost stories to spook you! Aston Hall is one of the most haunted buildings in the UK. I can warn you now: keep your eyes peeled when you’re up on the top floor for a peek of a passing shadow. (Perhaps this one isn’t for the faint-hearted!)

It also hosts public events, so look out on their website for anything that might take your fancy!

The Hall is only 3 miles from Birmingham city centre, so it’s really easy to get to. You can also give your rail card an outing, as it’s 10 minutes’ walk from Aston station.

2. Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park Bandstand 300x224 Purplefrog Property

Cannon Hill Park is a gorgeous destination for a free, easy, and fun-packed day out away from the dreaded revision!

You can clear your mind having a leisurely walk around the park, you can have a ride on the mini train, or get an ice-cream and just lounge on the grass.

If you’re someone who fancies something a little more stimulating, you can get involved in the various activities on offer. Why not play some mini-golf, go on a swan shaped pedal boat, or even visit the wildlife conservation park?

Not to mention that the park is also home to MAC Birmingham, so if you want to feed your soul with a bit of culture, as well as fresh air, there’s galleries and events galore.

It’s really one of the places you must visit while you’re studying in Birmingham.

3. Cruise the canal

Finally, why not try a nice ride on a barge around Birmingham’s canals?

birmingham 809570 640 Purplefrog Property

Everyone knows that fact that Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice.

Throughout the summer there are lots of different companies offering tourist rides around the city, allowing you to sit back, relax and just take it all in. What better way to clear your head than a cruise down the canal?

I would highly recommend heading to The Mailbox/Barclaycard Arena and looking around for a canal experience that takes your fancy. Who knows? You might discover something unique about your adopted city! Then after your leisurely trip around Birmingham, there are plenty of canal-side cocktail bars and coffee shops where you can recharge your batteries!

So, that’s that! 3 fantastic places to go for a sweet summer escape next term!

In all seriousness, getting outside and having some time away from a desk is really important for all of us in relieving a little bit of stress and giving us a better shot at having focus when we need it.

So, when you’re getting too wound up with the workload, get up, go out and wind yourself down for while! Happy holidays!

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