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What to do if exam stress seems to be dragging you under

What to do if exam stress seems to be dragging you under

Take a break! How to beat exam stress

Are you overwhelmed by the tsunami of work coming your way? Dreading the next few weeks? Putting on the pounds from stress-eating ‘break-time treats’?

Join the club.

But never fear!

Here are some real ‘live-savers’ that I know will keep you feeling motivated, happy and most importantly STRESS FREE.

Set goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small, manageable steps amount to big things. Set yourself weekly goals that you know you’ll achieve, and if you’re feeling generous, allow yourself a weekly treat to motivate yourself. This way, you won’t feel like you’re drowning under a flood of revision!

Take regular breaks


I hate to break it to you but sitting, scrolling through social media is NOT a break. Pry yourself away from your phone, go outside and stretch your legs. Little and often is key. Every time you feel like things are getting on top of you, take a break! As Frankie says… Relax.


Having a routine is essential to get your mindset on track. Without one, you’ll be lost amongst a jungle of work, not knowing where to start.

Plan your breaks, morning pick-me-up coffee, daily nap and gym session – it’ll help keep you motivated. If you’re no good at planning, try this organiser or take a leaf out of my book, and use an Excel Spreadsheet.

Eat well

Healthy body, healthy mind. We all love to indulge in junk food around exam time, but you’ve got to make sure you’re fuelling your body. Here’s some suggestions for healthy, tasty and mind enhancing brain foods!



Yes, I know you can’t believe your eyes, I am encouraging naps! Sleep will help you consolidate what you’ve learnt and give you some well-deserved rest.

So, when your parents are nagging you about your daily 20-minute nap, tell them it is critical for your learning. But be careful not to let that quick 20 minutes turn into 4 hours – it’s happened to us all.



Revision can make you mad. You can lock yourself away, with nothing but the textbook’s attempt at a joke to keep you company. Don’t do that.

Go for a coffee with friends, talk to other people (avoid revision-related chat) and allow yourself time to be free from the overwhelming workload.

Free your mind

Make sure you have plenty of time to sit and think about nothing. This may seem bizarre, when you’re sat in your bedroom assuming the meditation position, but it’s worth it. Overloading your brain with information can take its toll, so every night give yourself 10-minutes to think about nothing but nothing!

Resist temptation

Night out? Cinema? Spend a day eating chocolate and watching films? I am guilty of giving in to ALL of these temptations during exam season… And that’s OK. But everything in moderation.

Make a rule to complete the work you’ve planned for the day before you allow yourself a treat – best of both worlds.


For some of you, this will already be part of your revision routine. For others, you’ll be avoiding it like it’s out to get you.

Physical exercise is so important for your mindset. Release those endorphins for 30 minutes a day and feel more positive, determined and healthy. If you don’t believe me, look up the benefits for yourself!


Remember, you’ve chosen your degree for a reason.

Everyone has those times where they want to give up, but POWER THROUGH. Revision can be enjoyable, just find what’s right for you and make it as fun as possible.

Mind maps are a favourite of mine but if you haven’t found your unique revision strategy yet, have a look at these ideas to inspire you. See the YouTube video above for more info.

So, all that’s left to say is revision can be (almost) stress free if you allow yourself time to relax, fuel your body with goodness and go for a walk every once in a while!

Good luck!

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