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New Year, Same Old Me

New Year, Same Old Me

Don’t Bother with Resolutions, Do This Instead

Throw those New Year’s resolutions out the window. No fad diets, bold declarations, or unrealistic expectations. Make this the decade of living your best life, the decade of good deeds, and most importantly, the decade of self-love. It’s all about the small changes that build to making a big difference!

We all spend the first few months of the year embarking on a (mostly) unsuccessful journey towards complete self-transformation. Here are some ideas of how to spread the love, give a helping hand, and treat yourself a little too!

Give back

The chaos of Christmas is over, your hard-working parents are exhausted from making your Christmas as special as it could be. So why not pay them back? I’m not talking about spending your much-needed Christmas cash. What I’m suggesting will mean a whole lot more! Roll up your sleeves and pitch in! Empty the dishwasher, hoover the living room, or even just make them coffee. Don’t tell them I told you this, but parents (especially tired parents) are very easy to please.

Help those who need it

This is so simple and can make such a huge difference. Give to the food bank, buy a homeless person a sandwich, or put some coins in the charity basket. I’m sure that even students can spare a few bits of change! But, if your bank is bare post-Christmas, there’s plenty more ways to help others: volunteering, part-time jobs, even just a chat with someone who seems lonely.

Look after yourself

Although it’s difficult to believe that at this point in the academic year, life isn’t all about university, work or stress. Yes, everyone loves receiving a good grade, but it’s not worth torturing yourself over. It’s important to remember that, in a few years’ time, you should be left with memories of laughter— not which assignment made you tear your hair out the most! So, as much as you need to work hard, you need some dedicated relaxation time!

Check up on your friends

Mental health affects one in four people and suicide is one of the biggest killers of young people. It is a topic which a lot of people avoid talking about or feel ashamed to admit. But one text to a friend who seems distant could change their whole situation. This is something we can fight together, and who knows, maybe you’ll change a life! Visit mind.org.uk for advice if you’re worried about someone. Or if you need some guidance for yourself, please reach out to someone.

Grab every opportunity

My 2020 vision is telling me that this is the decade of opportunity. For those in their first year, what are you waiting for?! If it’s a part-time job or applying for an internship you think you’re never going to get, just try! If your friends want to go to a festival this year, do it! Start saying yes more!

LOVE yourself, and those around you

This could be the most important of all. Self-love and accepting yourself the way you are may be one of the hardest things to do. Surround yourself with people who with good vibes and don’t be scared of spreading the love! Everyone wants to hear those three simple words, right? Well, tell that to yourself too.

So, all in all, be good to others, share experiences and give to those who need it. But also, be good to yourself. Make this decade one to remember, full of good deeds, and self-love! Make the roaring 20s the best decade so far!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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