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Which Musical Tribe Are You In? (Part 2)

Which Musical Tribe Are You In? (Part 2)

More perfect sounds for every type of student musical tribe

We have already established 5 of the musical tribes you will meet as a student, but that was only half of what you can come to expect from the various characters you meet at university.

We know that going out is over-rated, and know that one of the best things about living off campus is having a night in, avoiding those dodgy takeaways and not spending half your night queuing to get into the loo.

So, whack on your pyjamas, cook some easy student food and see if one of the following musical tribes is you or any of your friends! I’ve put together a Spotify list for each of the tribes, too. That way the evening won’t be mainly about squabbling over who has control of the music.

Aspiring Reality Star

You know that friend? They follow every members of Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE on twitter. They never miss a single episode and are constantly updating you about the current goings on in the Big Brother house. The reason? Because they are aspiring one day to take part in the series. They will often try to recreate scenes from last week’s episodes, but you and the rest of your house simply don’t care and let them get on with it. They also believe the music on Geordie Shore is the best ever, despite the fact everyone else just thinks it’s was the same song on repeat. (Never say that to an Aspiring Reality Star though, they will crucify you. And then go and talk to the mirror in their bedroom for half an hour about hatin’ the haters.

Soundcloud Trolls

If they’re choosing the music, it is always the weird stuff. They still can’t get over that there are now adverts on SoundCloud, and will forever remind you about when it was ‘Pure and before it sold out’. Yes, there’s all sorts of music is on the ‘Cloud, and many musical tribes use it. But this person follows some strange pages that post some odd, but sometimes wonderful, music that you will never have heard of and are likely to never hear again. The mix will be eclectic, and you never know, you might find your new favourite band, too.

Pre Millennial Wannabes

Basically, they love anything that was recorded when Blue Peter was still on BBC1. That means the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Ok, we all love a bit of nostalgia. But this is the only music this bunch will contemplate. Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths, Madonna, Alanis Morissette, The Rolling Stones, ABBA, the list is endless. The Absolute radio stations are where they’re heart lies. It’s not only non-stop classics, they’ll also tell you a detailed history about the artist and that while they like the track being played, the album it’s off has much better ones on it. As much as the musical history lectures from ‘The Professor’ might annoy you, when they take over the AUX cable, deep down you know the choices will be golden (I mean, who doesn’t like ABBA). The music is perfect for a night in, as you can sing Whitney Houston at the top of your lungs and dance as erratically as you want, because you know you won’t be judged (other than by yur housemates. But, hey, they’re doing it too) and you won’t accidently smack ‘the club’s big angry guy’ in the face when the chorus hits.

Mainstream Rejecters

Are you a big fan of Redundant Armadillo’s early stuff or The Blister Pop Collective? No? These folks are. They hate anything that the wider student population likes, both old and new. They want to be able to say a name as if everyone should know it, only for it to fall on deaf ears. A mixture of old and new music, they probably watch loads of alternative shows and have shazam at the ready for whenever they hear something out of the ordinary. The music is rarely bad, but just isn’t something a lot of people think is really good. When they wrestle control of the Beats Pill off you, you’re on a dark journey across time and space. Random Jazz Funk tracks from the 70s sit next to a Scandi-Metal maelstrom that only hit the Internet last week. There are no boundaries on what this person will listen to. But if a track’s played more than twice, they just can’t listen to it anymore. Oh, and they will gleefully remind you about that band that are in the charts and you love, well they played you one of their tracks once and you hated it.

The We-Own-The-Nighters

Our last tribe are lively, eccentric, bubbly and the life of any party, Their taste is impeccable and they own the playlist at every occasion. In any group you have one, sometimes two of these individuals, and they meet everyone’s needs. They take time to ensure that whatever the occasion, there’s a playlist that just clicks with the mood. They are considerate in their music taste, throwing in anything so everyone is happy, and can cater for even the most tricky musical tastes. They want no credit, because if people are singing along and having a good time, they know their mission has been accomplished. Oh, wait. That’s you.

How did we do? Have we missed anyone? Let us know on Twitter (#musicaltribes). If you’ve got storming tune that we’ve missed, please do tell. We’re figuratively all ears!

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