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Maintenance During Covid-19 Pandemic

Maintenance During Covid-19 Pandemic

Since our first post on Covid-19 on the 18th March, the pandemic has progressed further as has government guidance and we have updated our policy with regards to maintenance and safety.

Accessing your property

If we need to visit your property, we will ask you to confirm to us that you are not self-isolating due to experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. Similarly, we will be asking our contractors to confirm the same before they visit.

Safety inspections

Inspections such as gas and electrical safety inspections will continue as normal.


To reduce the number of contact points between our contractors and tenants we will only be carrying out essential maintenance, below are examples of the types of issue we will attend to:

  • Gas issue (boiler breakdown etc)
  • Electrical (sockets/lights not working)
  • Appliances not working
  • Plumbing issues or leaks (blocked toilets, broken showers)
  • Security (failed locks, broken windows)

Please continue to report ALL maintenance issues. We will confirm to you whether the maintenance issue is classified as essential once reported.

Non-essential maintenance issues will be attended to when possible.

You should report all maintenance issue here.



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