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Better deposits: get your money back quicker

Better deposits: get your money back quicker

How we’ve updated our deposits process to ensure it’s fair and helpful for students

While everyone at Purple Frog works hard to make sure tenants get a fair deal, sometime we don’t quite hit the mark. When that happens we’re keen to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

That’s why we are grateful to Jacob at the University of Nottingham Students’ Union for raising concerns that students have had with our deposit return process.

Members of the SU agreed to meet with Purple Frog’s Managing Director, Patrick Garratt, on 17th January so we could discuss ways to improve our process and ensure that tenants are happy living in Purple Frog properties.

The meeting was very productive. We’re pleased to say that we’ve made several changes to solve the issues that some students had this year.

We are also committed to further steps, beyond the SU’s advice, to make sure students have the best experience possible living with Purple Frog.

Following the meeting, we are adapting our deposit returns to ensure we:

  • Send deposit statements in plenty of time, even if tenants have not sent their bills proofs
  • Update our team training so Nottingham tenants aren’t asked to send council tax exemption information to Purple Frog
  • Make it clearer how to dispute deposit deductions, including using third party arbitration
  • Review a clause in our check out document that the SU raised concerns about
  • Reduce delays by ensuring we have more staff in the deposit return team

Our brand values mean that we are helpful, honest and fair to every customer and community we serve.

That is why we’re always happy to act on feedback that will help us improve our services. We want students to have the best experience with us, so we’d like to thank the SU for working with us to ensure we continue to meet this goal.

If you have any questions about deposits, you will find lots of answers on our page of frequently asked questions about deposit returns.

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