Why Purple Frog?

What's in a name?

We get asked quite a lot why 'Why Purple Frog?'; the simple answer is that we wanted a name that stands out and tells our customers that we're going to be doing things differently from other agents.

That explains why we've got an unusual name; the story about how we got to this particular name is a little more interesting.

When we (Greg and Patrick), were debating what to call our new company we spent hours trying to think of a clever name which related to student accommodation, but alas, every 'original' idea we came up with had already been taken.

We then struck on the idea of selecting a name which had nothing to do with student accommodation, but which could express our intention to do things differently. After what seemed like a lifetime we had the idea of combining different colours with animals; 'Green Elephant', 'Orange Dolphin' were just a couple of the names which came up.

We decided that the best name to select would be the one which was most memorable, so on a standard student night where a few too many drinks were had, we whittled the list down and decided that whichever name we remembered in the morning would be the one!

The choice was clear, 'Purple Frog' was the name that first came to mind when we emerged from our hangovers.

It sounds silly, but, picking such an unusual name for our company has helped to remind us every day of our original intentions to do things differently and stand out from the crowd which feel has been a significant factor in our success to date.


How do you feel about Purple Frog?