Property Reserve Terms

The Legal Bit - Reserving a Property

When you reserve a property with Purple Frog, either by paying an Admin fee  or  Holding Deposit, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Admin fees are only charged in relation to commercial properties or company lets.

The Reserve

1.1 Once a Tenant pays a Holding Deposit they agree to the terms of this Reserve.

1.2 Once Purple Frog accepts an Admin Fee or Holding Deposit and provides confirmation of the Reserve to the Tenant(s'), Purple Frog agrees to accept the terms of this Reserve.

1.3 Once the Reserve is accepted by Purple Frog they agree to stop marketing the property for a period of 5 working days.

1.4 The Tenant(s') agree that a copy of the main terms of the tenancy agreement and Energy Performance Certificate have been made available to the Tenant(s') before they reserved the property.

1.5 The reserve is not a tenancy agreement. The terms relating to the tenancy details are for information only.

1.6 The Tenant(s') must provide the names, mobile numbers and email addresses for all tenants within 24 hours of reserving the property.

Admin Fees and Holding Deposits

2.1 Admin Fees and Holding Deposits are non-refundable if the Tenant(s') decide they do not wish to continue with the tenancy application.

2.2 If the Landlord rejects the application the Holding Deposit will be refunded (unless in the instances listed in 4.4 below).

2.3 If the Tenant(s') do not complete the required tenancy paperwork within the deadline specified (normally 5 working days), the property may be put back on the market and any Admin Fees or Holdings Deposits paid will be retained by Purple Frog.

2.4 If the Tenant(s') application is successful, the Holding Deposit will be allocated towards the first months' rent.

Tenancy Application

3. Each tenant is required to complete the following:

3.1 Sign a Tenancy Agreement. There is a sample copy of the tenancy agreement here.

3.2 Provide identity documents compliant with UK Right to Rent Legislation (normally a driving licence and passport)

3.3 Provide student ID

3.4 Provide contact details, including for a guarantor and emergency contact. Both the Tenant and Guarantor must provide a working email address.

3.5 Have a UK-based Guarantor sign a Guarantor Form. The Guarantor must subsequently pass a credit check. If the Tenant can not provide a Guarantor who does not pass a credit check then the Tenant must either agree to pay all rent up front, at least 14 days before the start of the tenancy, or pay for HousingHand to act as their Guarantor.

3.6 Pay a Deposit (up to the equivalent of five weeks' rent). The amount of the Deposit is specified in the property adverts.


4.1 Once the Tenant(s') complete the tenancy paperwork they are legally bound by the terms of the agreement, if they decide to withdraw from the agreement before the start date of the tenancy the retainer, deposit, admin fees or holding deposit will not be returned to them. They will also be required to pay the rent according to the tenancy agreement until replacement tenants are found.

4.2 If just one Tenant wishes to withdraw from the tenancy, they will be required to pay the rent until a suitable replacement Tenant is found, approved by all parties and the correct paperwork compelted.

4.3 If the Tenant(s') decide not to go ahead with the Reserve before the tenancy agreement is signed by all tenants, any Deposit payments will be returned to them, but not the Holding Deposit or any Admin Fee.

4.4 If the Tenant(s') application is not successful for the following reasons the Holding Deposit will not be returned:

- The tenants mislead the landlord agent.
- The tenants are not able to provide evidence of their Right to Rent in the UK.
- The tenants back out of the tenancy agreement.
- Fails to respond after 25 days to the landlord’s reasonable requests for information

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