Just like that...reduce deposit deductions, like magic

One of the most common reasons for deductions to be made from a deposit at the end of a tenancy are scuff and Blu-Tack marks on walls.

We'd like to help you minimise these charges by providing you with some 'Magic Sponges'. They may not have come from Hogwarts but they will certainly help you make marks and dirt disappear!

The best part is, we're providing them to you FREE of charge (at the end of your tenancy). All you need to do is pop down to your local office and we'll supply you with some for you and your housemates to use (*the supply is limited so don't wait too long).

Magic Sponges explained in 25 seconds

What Magic Sponges Can Do:

  • Remove marks from all kinds of surfaces
  • Remove grime from appliances (cookers, microwave, hobs, fridges, etc)
  • Clean tiles, shower cubicles and stained grout
  • Removing grease from cooker hood fans
  • Mirrors
  • Remove mould and mildew (although we would recommend this more for mould)
  • General cleaning

Please don't get too carried away when using the sponges on walls, especially where they are textured or have wall paper. If you rub too hard you may damage the wall.

How To Get The Most Out Of Magic Sponges

Cut each Magic Sponge into 4 equal-sized pieces (across the shortest width of the eraser, rather than lengthwise). This way, you get 4 times the amount of cleaning out of one Eraser!

Lightly mist it with water (by misting or using the kitchen sink sprayer), rather than saturating it with water — which causes it to shrivel up more.

Scrub lightly with the Magic Sponge, then wipe the area with a wet towel to prevent smearing the dirt/grime and remove any residue.

When it starts to get yucky (after cleaning a few different items), simply spray rinse it again to revive it a bit. Then squeeze the excess water out, and continue using it until it starts to shred.

After use on an area, remove any remaining residue with a dry cloth, especially in areas where food may be present.

Oh fudge, there's a smudge

Sometimes, after you've used the magic sponge to cleaned off the marks, you'll see a wet 'smudge'. The best was to get rid of this by drying the mark with a towel. The mark will dry naturally too. It will disappear after a little bit once it has dried.

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