Council Tax

How to deal with Council Tax

If you live in a house where everyone is classed as a full-time student for Council Tax purposes, you’ll be exempt from paying Council Tax.

The rules are different if you live with someone who’s not a full-time student – but your household could still get a discount. Generally in a shared house (even where separate tenancy agreements are in force) the presence of just one non-student renders the house liable for 75% of the usual council tax for that band of property. How that is paid is for agreement between the occupiers.

If you live in Birmingham or Bristol, it is your responsibility to notify your Local Council that you are a full-time student and reside in a property that is occupied only by students and that you wish to be considered for Council Tax Exemption.

Only full-time students are exempt from paying Council Tax, see the guidance is available from the Directgov website to check if you qualify.


If you study at the University of Birmingham or Aston University all you need to do is complete the form below and send it to the council. We suggest that you scan and email it to the council (counciltax@birmingham.gov.uk) with a copy of your tenancy agreement rather than posting it, so that you can prove that you have submitted your exemption information. Birmingham City Council are notorious for 'losing' documentation sent in via post.

If you study at any other college or University including Birmingham City University you will need to obtain a Council Tax Exemption certificate from your Faculty (your department) or Student Services and send your and your housemates' certificates to Birmingham City Council with the form linked to below and a copy of your tenancy agreement.

Exemption form for Birmingham City Council

You can also apply for your exemption by registering for a My Brum Account. It's simple to do and also means you don't have to remember where you've put your exemption, when we ask for it at the end of the tenancy.


You can apply online through the Bristol City Council website, (Apply on line), you'll need all of the following information before you start:

  • Address and postcode of the property
  • Names of all adults over 18 living at the property
  • The date each person moved in
  • Student number or certificate for each student
  • Date of birth for students under 20 years old

Apply on line


Purple Frog will send your student exemption forms to the council on your behalf.

If your group needs to pay Council tax, because you aren't a full-time students, you will need to check this with the council yourself. You will also need to organise the payment. Neither Purple Frog or your landlord will be liable for Council tax that you owe.

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