What to do if you want to dispute your deposit deductions

Once you have received your deposit statement, you might find some deductions that you disagree with. If that's the case, you are welcome to raise a dispute with our Deposits Team.

How to dispute deductions

Please only dispute deductions once you have received your deposit statement. Without this document, you will not know what the final charges are.

The lead tenant - the person named on your Deposit Protection Certificate - will need to compile all of the disputed items.

If you are on an individual tenancy (only you signed the contract), you are the lead tenant.

If you are on a joint and several tenancy and you do not know who the lead tenant is or your lead tenant is unavailable, you will need to nominate ONE tenant to act as the lead tenant during your dispute.

Once the lead tenant has done this, they will need to complete the form below to initiate your deposit dispute.

They will receive a confirmation email once they have submitted the dispute. This will include a record of the information they have supplied.

(If you don't receive the confirmation/evidence emails, please check your junk folder before contacting us.)

We aim to respond to your dispute within 5 working days. 

We highly recommend that you include supporting evidence with your dispute. This will significantly reduce the amount of time it will take for us to look into your case.

If you want to send supporting evidence, you will receive an email about how to do this once you've completed the form. There's more information about evidence below.

Once you have received our reply, and you are still unhappy with our internal deposit resolution, you are welcome to dispute with the deposit scheme that holds your deposit. There is more information about doing this in the FAQs, below.

Supporting Evidence

Where possible, include evidence to support any claims that you make as part of your dispute. In fact, supplying evidence will make the process much quicker. In general, it will help you prove your case, mean we will have to ask you fewer questions and ensure the dispute is resolved  faster than if there is no evidence.

Examples of supporting evidence to include can be things like:

  • Timed and dated photograph(s)
  • Copy of your Check Out Inspection
  • Copies of email correspondence

If you have supporting evidence, please select 'Yes' when prompted on the form below.

You will be sent an email. Please reply to this and add your evidence as attachments.

Alternatively, email us at deposits@purplefrogproperty.com. Please use the subject line '[PROPERTY ADDRESS] - Supporting Evidence'.

FAQs about disputes

Who is the lead tenant?

The lead tenant is the person named on your Deposit Protection Certificate. This was sent to you via StuRents in the first 28 days of your tenancy.

If you can't find your certificate, you can download it again from the StuRents site, or email us at Ops@purplefrogproperty.com and we'll forward it to you.

If you're on a joint and several contract and the lead tenant is unavailable, please nominate ONE tenant to act as the lead tenant during the dispute.

If you are on an individual contract, you are the lead tenant.

What is a deposit statement?

This is the document that is sent to you once all inspections and cleaning/maintenance have been completed, and we have received all of the end-of-tenancy paperwork (council tax exemptions etc).

It details all final deductions that are due for the property.

We aim to send this to you 28 days after the end date of your tenancy.

Can I dispute before I have received my deposit statement?

We strongly recommend you wait for your statement.

Your statement will be the final list of deductions. Without it you won't know what the charges are. Without this information, the process will get complicated and take much longer than necessary.

Can I still send a dispute if I don't have supporting evidence?

You are still welcome to dispute. Please ensure that you select ‘no supporting evidence’ in the appropriate section of the Disputes Form.

We highly recommend that you provide evidence wherever possible. This will make it much quicker to investigate and resolve your dispute.

What can I do if the lead tenant has forgotten to include my dispute?

You will need to ask the lead tenant to submit a second form through our website.

Please state that this is an additional dispute in the ‘Charges under dispute’ box. This will ensure that we do not think it is a duplicate dispute.

What if I forget to include part of my dispute?

No worries, you can do one of two things:

1)  Submit a second form. But remember to state that this is an additional dispute!

2) Email deposits@purplefrogproperty.com from the lead tenant's email address with the subject line ‘[PROPERTY ADDRESS] – Additional Dispute’.

Can I dispute with a third party?

Yes. Your deposit is held by a third-party, so if we can't reach an agreement on the amount to be deducted, you are welcome to dispute directly with the agency that holds your deposit (this is usually My Deposits). The Government has published a short guide to deposits, which will give you some advice about the dispute process and independent arbitration. Your Student Union will also be able to offer you support and advice.

Dispute form

This field is required.

Having supporting evidence is really helpful when we investigate your disputes.

To send this evidence, please click 'Yes' below. We will send you an email (don't forget to check your junk folder). Please reply and attach the evidence.

Alternatively, email us at Deposits@purplefrogproperty.com. Please make sure you use the subject line '[PROPERTY ADDRESS] - supporting evidence'.

We will only use the information you provide here in order to investigate your deposit dispute. We may also require further information to fulfil this duty. To find out more about how we protect your privacy, you can read our full privacy policy here.

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