If you need to move out before the end of your tenancy

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Novation Form

If you live in a property managed by Purple Fog, please use this form to let us know that you are intending to move out before the end of your contract and would like someone to take over the room.

(Please note, if the property is not managed by Purple Frog, speak to your landlord, if you wish to move out before the end of your contract.)

Filling in the form is not the Novation itself. Please read the information below, so you are aware of your obligations.

You are liable for the rent until a Novation is confirmed as complete by Purple Frog. Please do not give your keys out to any new tenants directly.

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Page one of the form is for your details, including the address and postcode of your tenancy.

The Novation date will be the day that the Novation is effective from. This means the day the replacement tenant can move in and the paperwork will need to be complete by.

A Novation can only take place during office hours (not weekends) and you must give us notice of at least five working days that it will take place.

If you haven't found a replacement yet and are looking to move out asap, please select a date at least one week in the future to allow for everything to be completed.

Please remember that:

  • You are best placed to find a replacement through your social media and university connections
  • It is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant (we can help, but this doesn't transfer the responsibility to us!)
  • The new tenant needs to be a like-for-like replacement
  • Your housemates and landlord all need to agree to accept your replacement and sign the paperwork, too
  • You are responsible for your rent until the new paperwork is completed and you have had confirmation of this
  • You should not give keys out to a new tenant (you'll still be liable for the rent until the paperwork is signed)

Page two of the form is where you can add information about the Novation, such as contact details for your replacement, or let us know that you are looking.

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