Landlord Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Purple Frog Landlords

As a landlord offering student accommodation for rent, I will need to collect certain personal and financial information in order to grant a tenancy. This data will be kept to the minimum required to fulfil this contract and any legal obligations I have.

The reason for collecting this information is
1) To fulfil our contract and form a tenancy agreement between us
2) To ensure I comply with laws and regulations that govern renting property
3) My legitimate interest to ensure that the tenancy can continue unhindered
4) My legitimate interest to ensure I can secure new tenants for the property
5) My legitimate interest to ensure I can secure income from the property

Upon a tenancy contract being agreed, we both have legitimate interest in retaining the information to comply with legal obligations.

If the tenancy proceeds, numerous items of personal data will be retained in the following ways:

• Electronically (I am registered with the Information Commissioner for this purpose) and/or
• On paper format, in a locked and secure location.

I will retain this information for six years after the tenancy ends.

You may request erasure of your information before this date, unless I require it for legal reasons. You can also request access to the data that I hold on you, although this will normally be found on your tenancy agreement.

I will only use your information in connection with this tenancy. Occasionally, I will have to share your information with a third party. This includes contractors who will need to effect repairs or carry out safety assessments on my behalf.

In these circumstances, I will only share the minimum amount of information that is required for them to complete the action, for instance your tenancy address. I will also seek assurance that your details are deleted by any party on completion of their duty.

Where I have a managing agent, this is Purple Frog Group Limited. I have secured evidence that they are compliant with data laws and regulations. In these circumstances, Purple Frog Group Limited and its subsidiaries will also provide you with evidence of their privacy policies. Their use of your data may differ from mine, and I recommend you familiarise yourself with those policies. (https://www.purplefrogproperty.com/privacy/.)

I will also need to share certain information with third parties, such as letting agents, in order to market my property to secure new tenants. Again, only the minimum amount of information will be shared. In the case where this agent is Purple Frog, you can read their privacy policies here: https://www.purplefrogproperty.com/privacy/. I might also contract other agents to market the property. I recommend you familiarise yourself with their data protection policies.

If a legitimate enquiry in connection with a financial loss is made by any party, or legal action considered, your data maybe used and shared for this purpose under legal obligations and legitimate interest. This includes sharing your data with debt recovery agencies, as well as law professionals and other agencies.

In the event the tenancy does not proceed, I intend to retain this data for a period of up to a year.

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