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Wales’ capital city is a fun, vibrant place to study. It’s small enough to get around easily but still have lots to do.

It is home to Cardiff University, which boasts a Student Union that was voted as being in the top four, in the whole of the UK. You might recognise parts of the campus from TV and film, as many of the buildings have turned up in BBC hits Sherlock and Dr Who. (Not surprising, as the BBC has a drama unit in the city. You can even also grab your sonic screwdriver and live out your secret Dr Who fantasies).

With a history dating back to 1865, Cardiff Metropolitan University caters for 12,000 students. Formerly known as University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, it’s ranked as one of the best ‘new’ universities in Wales. Alumni include rugby legend Sir Gareth Edwards – the greatest player to ever don a Welsh jersey, according to the BBC.

The city manages to pack lots into a small space. Cardiff is home to Wales’ Millennium Centre. This impressive piece of architecture is home to world class performing arts, from pop concerts to plays and opera.

The National Museum houses a collection of art and natural history exhibits, including paintings and sculptures from around the world, plus welsh dinosaurs!
You can also explore the history of the city by visiting Cardiff Castle.

This student-friendly city is full of wonderful places to eat and drink. In fact the city is famed for its night life. There’s a great mix of high street pubs and restaurants, as well as a good mix of independents.

The same is true for shopping. There’s a huge John Lewis in the town centre, but an equally good mix of smaller, independent shops and boutiques.

Of course, there’s the legendary Cardiff bay area. Known as ‘Tiger Bay’ by the locals, this was once an industrial landscape. Now the area is rejuvenated, with lots to see and do.

Wales is also famed for its breath-taking natural beauty. Even as a student, it’s easy to escape the hustle of Cardiff city and explore the coast and countryside close by.
Oh, how could we not mention rugby? Cardiff is of course home to the Principality stadium (also known as The Millennium Stadium.)

Good Times

The maze-like area of Cathay is one of the most popular destinations for students looking for off campus accommodation in Cardiff.

Full of Victorian houses and backing onto Roath park, there's a huge student population here. That means the area caters well for most student needs.

It's a short walk over the train bridge to the University of Cardiff Student Union.

The area itself is stuffed with tiny and picturesque shops and places to eat. That includes the iconic Cafe 37 - every Cardiff student's main cure for a hangover.

Crucially, the area is the closest you can get to campus if you're planning any from-bed-to-lectures-in-five-minutes dashes.

Bad Times

LIDL on a Monday. It's a new level of busy.

Cathays properties

Good Times

While it's a little bit further to walk to campus from Roath than Cathays, this is still a very popular student area. After all, Cardiff University campus is on 20 minutes away.
There's more of a mix of residential and rental properties, so it can be quiet. This makes it a favourite for postgraduates or third years, who have put their wild years behind them.

Quiet doesn't mean dull though. There's still lots going on for when you've had enough of burying your head in the books. That means great places to eat and drink. Lots of the pubs are student-friendly, but it's The Albany that is everyone's favourite.

There's also the splendid Roath Park - one of Cardiff's most popular parks.

Bad Times

This is quite a varied area, with streets full of big family houses to some parts are, erm, a little bit worse for wear.

Depending on your mood, being 20 minutes from campus can seem a long time to be walking.

Roath properties

Good Times

Right in the heart of this fun city, you'll be spoilt for choice for things to do.

Well known for it's hospitality, Cardiff has a cornucopia of bars, clubs and restaurants. All within easy reach. Plus, your favourite high street shops are within strolling distance.

Public transport links are all easy to get to, opening up the rest of the city to you. Not that Cardiff is difficult to navigate. The university is a short walk away and and even shorted bus ride.

Bad Times

With so much to do, you'll need to watch your budget!

95-97 St Mary Street properties

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