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Renters Reform Bill – Update: Michael Gove Considers U-turn on Student Exemption

Renters Reform Bill - Update: Michael Gove Considers U-turn on Student Exemption

According to an article published by The Telegraph on 23rd May “Michael Gove is planning to backtrack on onerous reforms for student lets, just a week after unveiling his Renters’ Reform Bill.”

Last week we reported that the proposed legislation would include:

“…the elimination of fixed-term tenancies and ‘no fault’ evictions. These amendments, while aimed at enhancing renters’ security, will introduce a layer of uncertainty for landlords catering to the student accommodation market. As a result of these changes, landlords will only be able commence advertising their properties once existing tenants provide notice of their intention to leave. Furthermore, tenants will now have the flexibility to terminate their tenancies at any point during the academic year. These changes will significantly disrupt the previously predictable rental cycle associated with student accommodations.”

The article, written by , reports that “Mr Gove, is now considering an amendment to the bill, the Telegraph understands. The amendment would allow landlords to guarantee vacant possession for the next cohort of students and stick to their yearly let business model. This would be added to the bill as a specific clause for privately let student property.”

This would be great news for landlords of privately rented student accommodation, but who knows what sources supported the “Telegraph understands” view.

Reference: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/news/michael-gove-backtracks-renters-reform-bill/


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