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Free contents insurance for students

Free contents insurance for students

Purple Frog tenants can stay protected with free contents insurance for students

Where does student contents insurance sit in your list of priorities? Pretty low?

Insurance can be a pretty easy thing to ignore. After all burglaries are rare and the chances of your washing machine going feral and ruining your stuff are tiny. That’s why lots of students don’t even have contents insurance on their radar.

But what if something does go wrong? It’s unlikely that your student loan will cover the cost of replacing any lost or damaged items. Making sure you can buy new stuff if the worse happens is what contents insurance is for.

Purple Frog want to make sure our tenants feel safe and secure in their student homes. We also want to make sure your tenancy is as hassle-free as possible. Other than dressing up as Batman and Robin and patrolling the streets, we can’t guarantee a zero crime rate.

What we can do is make sure you’re protected in a different way. And that’s why, from the 2017 academic year, all of our tenants will get free contents insurance for students.

This means that if you’re unlucky and suffer a burglary or a domestic appliance fault damages some of your property, you will know that you’re automatically covered.

How do I apply?

If you choose to live with us next year, we will make sure that you are automatically covered in the policy. That means you don’t have to do a thing.

We’ve worked with student insurance experts Endsleigh to arrange the cover. And we’ve made sure that if you find the property through us, you’ll be covered by the policy, even if we don’t manage the property. To get the free insurance, you simply have to secure your property through us, by paying your admin fee to Purple Frog, not your landlord.

The free student contents insurance means that essentials like your laptop will be covered, if they’re taken from your room. The insurance also differs from other cover, as it’s been designed especially for students. This means that library books and property you’ve been loaned by the university will also be covered by the policy.

As well as protecting items when they’re in your room, the contents cover also applies to thefts from communal areas, as well as damage to clothes caused by faulty laundry equipment. You’ll also get basic cover if your belongings are stolen when you’re on your way to or from home at the beginning or end of term.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. If, in the unlikely event that something does happen, you have to make a claim, you will have to pay a small excess. This is a sum of money that insurance companies charge claimants to cover part of the cost of their claim. This is a standard part of any insurance policy, and looking at the excesses, they’re pretty reasonable.

If you want to be super secure, you can add extra insurance through Endsleigh (see more under How does it work?).

How does it work?

Shortly after you move in, you’ll be sent an email that confirms the policies (and the policy wording alongside the terms and conditions). When you receive this email you will also have the opportunity to add any extra services that you wish to. And that’s it. The policy will be active from the official start of your tenancy and will end on the last day of the tenancy. Barring the worst happening, you can just get on with your life (remembering to lock your doors and windows, of course).

Should there be a problem, you can find details of how to claim, alongside a full description of what is and isn’t covered, on our student insurance page.

If something goes wrong, you can make your claim directly through Endsleigh.

To quote a certain Russian Meerkat: Simples.

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