Free contents insurance

Free contents insurance for our student tenants

All our student tenants get free contents insurance

Any student who rents with Purple Frog for the 2017/18 academic year will automatically receive contents insurance, as part of their tenancy.

Purple Frog is working with student insurance experts Endsleigh to enable all Purple Frog tenants to have free contents insurance. The policy covers all of our tenants, whether you live in a property that is managed by us, or if it is let-only (managed directly by your landlord). This means that any student who secures a property with Purple Frog and pays an admin fee for the 2017/18 academic year will automatically receive contents insurance, as part of their tenancy.

How do I activate the policy?

You don’t have to do anything. Simply choose which of our student accommodation you want to live in. The policy will start automatically on the day that your tenancy begins. We will send the information to Endsleigh informing them of all new tenancies and the tenants names.

You will also receive a template document from Endsleigh confirming their policies (and the policy wording and terms and conditions). When you receive this email you will also have the opportunity to add any extra services that you wish to.

What is covered?

Your free contents insurance policy covers essential things like your laptop, as well as covering incidents like washer damage and fridge/freezer failure, and even lost keys. The table below shows what your policy will cover:

Core Room Cover Limit
Total student room contents cover £5,000
Disabled student room contents cover £6,000
Single article limit (unless outlined separately) £1,250
Computer equipment (eg desktops, laptops, tablets) £2,000
Computer accessories £150
Audio equipment, DVD & video players, computer consoles, hard drives and other data carrying media £1,000
Computer games, CDs, DVDs, videos & records £600
Photographic equipment £1,000
Musical instruments £600
Clothing (single article limit) £350
Valuables, including jewellery & watches £600
Personal money (forced entry only) £50
Credit/Debit card fraud (forced entry only) £500
University property on loan £500
Library books £500
Rented household goods £1,250
Contact lenses £150

Other benefits

Other benefits Limit
Theft of student’s contents while in direct transit between University/College and their permanent home at the beginning or end of term £500 per bag
Theft from halls of residence communal area following forcible or violent entry £1,000
Theft from halls of residence communal area without forcible or violent entry £250
Loss or damage to student’s personal belongings from the halls of residence communal area £500
Clothing damage by faulty laundry equipment £300
Food spoilage (loss of food from fridge/freezers) £75
Replacement locks and keys (following damage resulting from burglary) £350
Personal accident cover £5,000
Permanent total disablement as a result of an accident up to £50,000
Accidental death or permanent total disablement of parent or guardian £5,000
Tenants Liability Cover £150
Damage to public service equipment (water, electricity, gas meters) £150
Personal liability £1m

What isn’t covered?

  • Accidental damage
  • Laptops and other gadgets (such as tablets) outside the room
  • Mobile phones
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments outside the room
  • Any other items taken outside the room

If you make a claim, you will also need to pay an excess. This is a contribution that you are required to pay towards your claim.

Excesses are:

  • Room contents £25
  • Laptops and tablets £50
  • Money and credit cards £25
  • Frozen Food £10
  • Liabilities and personal accident benefits £25

If you want extra cover, you can upgrade your policy directly with Endsleigh.

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, you need to do this directly with Endsleigh. Purple Frog will not handle any claims or funds relating to claims made. You will also have to pay the excess.

To make a claim:
Visit: www.endsleigh.co.uk/claim-centre/
Call: 0800 923 4045

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